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Worldpay Merchant Account

Available To All Companies

£25 CASHBACK when you open a Worldpay Merchant Account as part of your formation package


Worldpay are the UK's leading payment provider. Their products and services power commerce across the globe.

They work with all types and size of business. So whether you’re just starting out, or you work for a global business, they will find the right services to fit your business.

Worldpay can offer a number of payment options including;

  • Face to Face: Whether in-store or on the move, we offer fast, secure and reliable services to fit your business.
  • Online: Take credit and debit card payments over the web through Worldpay online payment gateway.
  • By Phone: we make it easier to take payments over the telephone or by mail order.
  • Card Payments On Your Smart Phone: whether you own a small business or are a tradesman on the move, Worldpay Zino lets you take flexible pay as you go card payments through your smartphone.

Why choose Worldpay?

  • Robust systems:They can process millions of transactions every day – and hundreds of simultaneous transactions a second. We take over 26 million transactions per day.
  • Flexibility: When your business grows, they’ll make it easy to scale up.
  • Security: They’ll help you minimise the risk of fraud.
  • Reach:They operate across the globe, supporting 120 different currencies and more than 200 payment types.
  • Additional services: They can also help you manage cash flow, currency and fraud risk, tailoring services to your exact needs.
  • Easy start-up: When you work with them, you will see how easy it is to start taking payments.

What Is A Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments by payment cards, typically debit or credit cards.

How It Works

  • We have developed a relationship with Worldpay Business Banking in order to ensure that our clients can benefit from a fast, effective and simple account opening process.
  • Once your company has been incorporated, and you have ordered to be contacted by Worldpay, we will immediately provide your new company details to Worldpay.
  • Within 48 hours of your company incorporation a member of the Worldpay Business team will contact you in order to set up the arrangements through which you can open your business bank account.
  • As our client, we also offer to pay you £25 cashback once we have verified that Worldpay have indeed opened your Business Account through our communication with them*.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions

How To Order

As Part Of A Formation Order

Simply click on the ‘Compare Package’ Icon to begin your Company Formation Order.

This service is free with any of our limited by shares or LLP company packages


As A Service To Your Existing Company

Simply click on the ‘Register’ Icon and you will then be invited to register an online account with us

Once you have logged into our site, you will find an option to ‘Import’ your company to our system

Simply enter the authorisation code and company number and your Company details will be imported to your account

You can then select to purchase this service from the ‘Shop’ feature of our client’s log in area