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Registered Office Address Service
From £75 Per Annum

1 Click 2 Start A Company can provide you with a prestigious registered office addresses in both Liverpool and London

Why Is This Service Important?

  • It is a legal requirement that all UK Limited Companies and LLPs must have a registered office address within the UK
  • The address to which UK Company is registered is published on the public register and is therefore accessible by anyone

What Are The Benefits Of This Service?

  • We supply an address within a prestigious building in the UK which also gives your Company an enhanced professional image
  • We filter mail for you so that you avoid junk mail
  • You can receive your statutory mail within 5 working days it is delivered as we will scan and email it to you
  • If you are based overseas, this service allows you to register your company in the UK  
  • Only staututory mail can be forwarded with the registered office address - if you require to receive business mail at this address you must also have the business use address

Our Registered Office Address Locations

Benefit from having your privacy protected by using 1 Click 2 Start A Company’s prestigious registered office locations for your company. You can select whether you wish to register your company at the prestigious Grade 2 listed Cotton Exchange Building in Liverpool, or a prestigious London address.

How To Purchase This Service

As Part Of A Formation Order

Simply click on the ‘Compare Package’ Icon to begin your Company Formation Order.

This service is included as part our Ultimate Package, but you can also choose to add this service as part of any of our other packages for an additional £75.00.


As A Service To Your Existing Company

Simply click on the ‘Register’ Icon and you will then be invited to register an online account with us

Once you have logged into our site, you will find an option to ‘Import’ your company to our system

Simply enter the authorisation code and company number and your Company details will be imported to your account

You can then select to purchase this service from the ‘Shop’ feature of our client’s log in area


Registered Office Address Service - Commonly Asked Questions

  • From our experience, we have seen that the different range of our office services can sometimes provide confusion as to what exactly each service provides
  • Here are a couple of the most common queries our clients ask us about this service, which you may now have yourself

What Is A Registered Office Address?

  • All UK Limited Companies must have a registered office address which must be situated at an actual physical location in the UK and therefore cannot be a PO Box Number. It can be your business address, or any other address you may choose.
  • This address will be placed on to the public record when your company is registered, and therefore the details of your company’s registered office address will be in the public domain
  • It is this address to which all statutory and court documents will be sent by government agencies.
  • It is also common for unsolicited mail to be forwarded to the Company’s registered office address as many mail advertisers use the address as it appears on the public register

What Is Official Government/Statutory Mail?

  • These terms are used to describe mail from government agencies such as Companies House or HMRC

Can This Address Be Used As A Company Officer’s (i.e. Directors And Shareholders) Service Addresses?

  • No, these persons are not covered by purchasing this service. Please see our Director Address Service for more details of how you can receive this type of mail.

Can I Use The Registered Office Address To Receive Common Business Mail For My Company?

  • No, this type of mail is not covered by this service. Please see our Business Use Address Service for more details of how you can receive this type of mail.

What Is The Cost Of Renewing This Service After The Initial 12 Month Subscription?

  • Our Registered Office Service can be renewed at 12 month intervals at a total price of £75.00.

*The forwarding of official mail within the UK is free. Mail forwarding of official mail outside the UK will be charged at Royal Mail postal rates plus 15%.