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Overseas Client Limited Liability Partnership Package

Limited Liability Partnerships for Non-UK Residents

£140.00 (Yearly Renewal Cost at £75.00 plus VAT)


Limited Liability Partnership Package

  • Start a Limited Liability Partnership in the UK from overseas with our exclusive Overseas Client Limited Liability Partnership Package
  • A Limited Liability Partnership ('LLP') shares many of its features with a regular partnership, the main difference being that the LLP itself is responsible for any debts that are run up and not the individual partners (unless they have provided a personal guarantee for such debt).
  • This type of company is treated in the very same way as an ordinary partnership in respect of how the members are taxed as opposed to shareholders becoming liable to Corporation Tax on dividends paid to them.
  • You should note that it is not a legal requirement to have a formal LLP Agreement, however, it is required if you need to divide the share of profits and capital other than equally. These types of companies are commonly used by professional service providers such as lawyers and accountants.
  • As part of this package you will benefit from use of our prestigious UK registered office address for your company and receive all of your statutory company mail forwarded to you electronically on the day it is received, as a result you will receive your company mail as you would had you been located within the UK.
  • This package provides you with all of the necessary company registration documents which are sent to you electronically on the same day your company is incorporated, with the original documents posted directly to you via airmail
  • As you are setting up the company on our site, you will be invited to order in addition to this fantastic package to have your company documents Apostilled if you are thinking of approaching a bank in your own country, and even to have a Certificate of Good Standing issued.
  • As a registered customer of our services, you are also given access to our online portal which you can use to manage your company and ensure that you comply with the necessary regulatory requirements, such as filing an annual return each calender year.
  • Should you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact us on +44203 582 4121 or email us at

What's Included?

  • Online Company Formation
  • Prestigious UK Registered Office Address
  • Director Service Address
  • Government Duties/Companies House Fee Included in Price
  • Free Access to Online Company Management System and Support
  • Digital Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Digital Copy of First Board Meeting Minutes
  • 2 x Copies of Company Documents sent by Airmail to you
  • Free Introduction to an Accountant (optional)

Want to know more?

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*Please note that we make no guarantees that a banking facility in the UK will be opened for the company. We will merely assist to introduce you to a banking facility in the UK and it is then left to the individual bank when applying its own admission criteria to decide as to whether to accept your Business Bank Application or not.

We provide a free introduction to the bank and no charge is applied for this service and thus should the bank choose to reject your application, no amount of the charged fee will be refundable.