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How To Form a Company


Registering your Company using our website couldn't be easier. Just follow these simple steps to complete your Company set up:

1. Choose Your Company Name

  • To check whether your Company name is available, you just need to enter your desired company name in the name search tool on our Home Page or below. Once you have searched for your Company name we will tell you whether the name can be registered or not.
  • In order for your company name to be suitable enough to be registered, the Companies Act 2006 provides that your company name must be entirely unique. You must ensure that the name does not constitute a criminal offence, use any offensive language or suggest any affiliation with the Government or any Local Authority.
  • We suggest that if you're struggling to decide on a company name, it is best to ensure that it is descriptive of the nature of your business or the service you will provide. Ensure that it is web-friendly, and that it avoids any geographical references. It if it just you who is administering the services being provided, why not make a play on your own name?

2. Select Your Package

  • Once you have searched for your Company Name and our system has identified that it is available for registration, you will be immediately invited to select the Package you want to use to register your Company.
  • We work tirelessly to provide you with the most competitive company start up packages available from any company formation agency in the UK. Our packages provide you with the essentials needed to ensure that your company is registered in the most efficient manner. Our services and that of our partners also ensure that the essentials of your business ownership are taken care of so that you can focus all of your time and effort on ensuring that your business is as successful as possible.
  • Our packages have also been developed to meet all needs and budgets. Please refer to our packages page for further details.

3. Select Additional Services

  • If you have decided on a package we have offered buy would like to add an additional product to your order you can simply add this on to your chosen package.
  • You can you use this page to add to your package the use of our Registered Office Address, if your chosen package does not already include this for example.

4. Purchase Your Package

  • You will then be taken to our secure payment screen where you can pay for your package using your credit or debit card. On payment, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase, and an invitation to log in to the members area of our website.

5. Enter Company Details

  • You then just need to spend around 5 minutes entering the Director and Sharholder/Guarantor/Partner details of the company.
  • To complete this step you will need each Company Officer's name, address, date of birth, nationality and telephone contact details.

Once You Have Completed The Above Steps

Your company should be incorporated within 3 hours (if ordered between 8am to 2pm on the same day). You will receive an email confirmation of your successful incorporation once your Company has been registered, and the email will also have all of your registered Company documents attached to it.


Important Information - Companies House

  • 1 Click 2 start a company is authorised to electronically file documentation with Companies House, which allows us to deal directly with Companies House on your behalf to incorporate your company.
  • Companies House is very important for all limited companies set up in the UK and their responsibilities include incorporating and dissolving limited companies. They also store company's information and make this available to the public.
  • Once your company has been formed there is a legal responsibility to file details of your Company which include;
    • Company accounts; and
    • Annual Return which deals with changes in registered address and changes in the details of your Shareholders, Directors and Secretary.
  • This information has to be provided to Companies House annually and the dates as to when they are due can be found by visiting The information has to be completed even if the business has not traded and failure to provide the information is an offence and will result in the company's officers (Directors & Secretary) being fined penalties.
  • Ultimately Companies House will also strike the company off their register and the company will be dissolved.
  • Further information is available on Companies House Website.
  • There are many company formation agents in the market for you to register your company with who will supply all your needs to incorporate your Limited Company including Companies House itself. 1 Click 2 Start A Company is however cheaper than Companies House and our essential formation package not only includes your Companies House filing fee, you will also receive an Electronic Certificate of Incorporation, Electronic Memorandum and Articles of Association and a Barclays fast-track business bank account.