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Business Use Address Service
From £100 Per Annum

Give Your Business and Company a professional image, protect your privacy, avoid junk mail and benefit from FREE postage of all of your company’s business mail with our fantastic registered office address service.

Why Is This Service Important?

  • Are you worried about the professional appearance your Company will present when you are interacting with Clients and Suppliers?
  • Avoid having to use your home address when supplying your contact address on business cards, invoices and company letterheads by using our Business Use Address which is based within a prestigious building in the UK

Can I Opt To Have All My Business Mail Delivered At This Service?

  • You can supply this address to all of your customers and suppliers if they will be sending to you general mail. We cannot accept parcels and packages

What Will Happen To My Business Mail When It Is Delivered?

  • We will scan your post and email it to you on the same day it is delivered to our office address
  • Your mail will then be stored within our secure office address.
  • We are a registered organisation with the Information Commissioners Office and we therefore ensure that we maintain personal and sensitive data in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998

What Is The Renewal Cost After The Initial 12 Month Subscription?

  • Our Business Use Office Address Service can be renewed at 12 month intervals at a total price of £100.00.

*The forwarding of mail is charged at postal rates plus a 15% handling charge.

How To Purchase This Service

As Part Of A Formation Order

Simply click on the ‘Compare Package’ Icon to begin your Company Formation Order.

This service is not included as part our Ultimate Package, but you can choose to add this service as part of any of our other packages for an additional £100.00.


As A Service To Your Existing Company

Simply click on the ‘Register’ Icon and you will then be invited to register an online account with us

Once you have logged into our site, you will find an option to ‘Import’ your company to our system

Simply enter the authorisation code and company number and your Company details will be imported to your account

You can then select to purchase this service from the ‘Shop’ feature of our client’s log in area