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Barclays Business Bank Account

Available To All Limited By Shares Companies

£50 CASHBACK when you open a free Barclays Business Bank Account as part of your formation package

About: How it Works

  • In order for a company to be able to actively trade, a business bank account is essential in order to separate the funds of the business from that of its officers, thus ensuring that all transactions are traceable.
  • We have developed a relationship with Barclays in order to ensure that our clients can benefit from a fast, effective and simple account opening process.
  • Once your company has been incorporated, and you have ordered to be contacted by Barclays, we will immediately provide your new company details to Barclays.
  • Within 48 hours of your company incorporation a member of the Barclays Business team will contact you in order to arrange an appointment for you to visit your local Barclays branch and open the account. It couldn’t be easier.
  • As our client, we also offer to pay you £50 cashback once we have verified that Barclays have indeed opened your Business Account through our communication with them*.

Unique Features And Benefits


Barclays Business Bank PLC have a unique range of services which provide you with everything that you will need to help develop and grow your business. As a registered business bank account holder you will be provided with;

  • Free business banking for up to one year (see note 1);
  • Free day-to-day support from the Barclays Business Telephony Team, 24/7;
  • Management of the account through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Text Alerts, by phone and in branch;

The barclays business current account also offers the following additional features:

  • A saving of over £1,500 (see note 2) on essential business tools and applications to help your clients survive and succeed - including bookkeeping software, legal compliance services, business planning and website builder tools. (Available for a small monthly fee);
  • CREDITFOCUS - a credit management service specifically designed to help your clients recover and reduce late payments and bad debts;
  • Free business seminars on topics such as how to make more profit and attract more customers
  • Free i-sure business online data backup - automatically backs up 2GB of your clients' data in a secure location, so if your clients' data is lost, corrupted or damaged, they can rest easy - safe in the knowledge they can get it back;
  • Free business skills training from leading e-learning provider MindLeaders to help your clients rise to the challenges they face every day;
  • Access to unique packages of business management software to help your clients save time and money.
  • NOTE 1: Available to individuals setting up their first business bank account for a business within the first 12 months of trading. There is no charge for standard transactions for 12 months with Barclays' standard Business Start Up Package
  • NOTE 2: The total worth figure quoted is a sum of the individual inclusive applications and/or service per annum.



In order to be eligible for this offer, the company for which the Barclays Business Current Account is being applied for must meet the following criteria:

  • The company must be a private company limited by shares registered in the UK;
  • All officers and all shareholders must be UK resident;
  • All officers and all shareholders must be people - not corporate entities;
  • The shareholders must beneficially own the shares held by them, i.e. they cannot be nominees or holding the shares on trust;
  • The company cannot include nominee directors

How To Order


As Part Of A Formation Order

Simply click on the ‘Compare Package’ Icon to begin your Company Formation Order.

This service is free with any of our limited by shares or LLP company packages


As A Service To Your Existing Company

Simply click on the ‘Register’ Icon and you will then be invited to register an online account with us

Once you have logged into our site, you will find an option to ‘Import’ your company to our system

Simply enter the authorisation code and company number and your Company details will be imported to your account

You can then select to purchase this service from the ‘Shop’ feature of our client’s log in area