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About Apostille Certificates

  • An Apostille Certificate is an office certificate issued to documents as a statement that they are official and in existence within the member states who are signatories to the 1961 Hague Convention.
  • In normal circumstances, an Apostille Certificate is issued by the member state from which the document originates, although in exceptional cases another state can issue an Apostille Certificate for documents.
  • Once a document has an Apostille Certificate attached to it confirming its authenticity it can then be presented and recognised in any member country of the before-mentioned Hague Convention.
  • If you have been requested by a body within your country to have your documents legalised as evidence of their existence then we will be more than happy to assist you.

What Happens When We Receive Your Order?

  • On receipt of your order, we will request from you information as to which documents you require to be accompanied with Apostille Certificate.
  • We will then proceed to have those documents notarised by a UK Notary Public.
  • Once notarised, the documents will then be forwarded to the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office where the Apostille Certificate will be issued.
  • Please note that there is an average return service time by the FCO of 14 days. We will forward the documents and Apostille Certificate to you as soon as they are received.

How To Order


As Part Of A Formation Order

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As A Service To Your Existing Company

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