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About Shelf Companies

  • A Shelf Company is a company that has been created and has remained dormant with no trading activity.
  • The Shelf Companies which 1 Click 2 Start A Company have created are all up to date in respect of their filing and legal obligations.
  • Below we have provided an up-to-date list of the companies which are now available to purchase. (Please note that these companies are specifically on offer on a strictly first come first serve basis);
Available Shelf Companies Incorporation Year Price

A1 Finance Solutions Ltd

June 2014



Ace Traders UK Ltd

June 2014

Faster Trades Ltd

June 2014

London Accountant & Bookkeeping Services Ltd

June 2014

London Business Trades Ltd

June 2014

London Professional Associates Ltd

June 2014

No1 Trading Company Ltd

June 2014

Online Retail Sales Ltd

June 2014

PR Professional Associates Ltd

June 2014

Shelf Company FAQs

Can I Change The Company Name?

Absolutely. If the company name registered is a name you would like to change then we can change the company name for you at a total cost of £30.00 plus VAT.

Can I Use Another Registered Office Address Supplied By 1 Click 2 Start A Company?

Yes. If you don't wish to use your home address as the company's registered office address then you can purchase our registered office address service, or any other of the office services we offer for your newly purchased company.

Will There Be Any Risks To Purchasing A Shelf Company?

Rest assured that the above companies have no trading history and therefore no adverse credit or debts are owed by them.

Are Nominee Services Available?

Unfortunately we do not offer such services.