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About Limited By Guarantee Companies

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  • This form of company is primarily used by non-profit organisations such as Charities and Social Groups.
  • In these companies, there is no share capital, instead its members act as ‘guarantors’ in that they guarantee to contribute a nominal sum should the company be wound up.

Who Can Own And Run A Limited By Guarantee Company?

  • As there are no shares issued by the Company, there are therefore no shareholders. Instead the owners of the company are ‘Guarantors’ who guarantee to provide the company with funds should it fail.
  • The Guarantors are prevented from withdrawing funds and profits from the company.
  • These companies are ran by Directors who have the same legal obligations to manage the company effectively as they would in a Limited By Shares company.

Why Would This Type Of Company Be Formed?

  • As its members (Guarantors) are prevented from drawing upon the company’s funds and assets, it is for that reason, used primarily by Charities and Social Groups which exist to improve a situation or resolve social problems.

Taxation Advantages

  • Please see our taxation page for more information about the unique tax laws which apply to UK limited companies.

You Should Note

  • If you are wishing to register a new Limited By Guarantee company to your home address, this is the address which will appear as the central correspondence address for the company on the public register. It is therefore accessible by anyone. If you don’t wish to use your home address in order to protect your privacy, then you can benefit from using our Registered Office Address Service.
  • Select the links below in our Address Services details to find out more.